Actual iPower web hosting reviews since 2008

This iPower review site is hosted between 2008 to 2012. Do you know this review website has been hosted here with their pro shared hosting since year 2008? With our actual experience in here, we’re gracefully accessing and rating their service quality from inside out. We’re able to test customer website all these years and actually evaluate their quality in real life. We are testing them and experience it our self. And before you go, we can give you iPower coupon price $3.25 a month. Don’t signup without this discount.

$3.25 discounts vps coupon

This is one of the best vDeck web hosting company, established back in year 2001 and has been over 12 years old. What makes them so popular today are their 100% green hosting plan is with great service quality, generous features and available in lowest price possible. With this review site hosted with them, you can use this as a demo site and testing their service performance before signing up.

iPower review on shared hosting services. Top web hosting companies are often run their own data center and be able to use their in-house staffs. For them, they are now having 2 data center locations. And they uses high performance servers running with wind powered energy credits. The data center is equipped with multiple gigabits Internet connection, Cisco router, UPS power backup and diesel power generator are standard. This is a fail-proof data center and it is being monitored 24×7 for optimum network uptime.

From official website, we know they are offering few shared packages and added a new WordPress blog plan this year. There are three options to choose from:

  • Starter plan is starting at $3.99 a month.
  • Pro plan at $3.25 a month (offer price).
  • Pro plus plan at $11.99 a month.

Their starter plan only allows one domain hosting and the other two are allowing multiple domains to be hosted. What we most recommend is their unlimited plan currently selling at $3.25 and this is their limited time offer price. This allows virtually unlimited website and in here get are allowed to host few separate websites in one account. It comes with limitless disk space, transfer bandwidth and domains. Other features including 2500 email accounts and support Outlook client program. And it comes with email forwarding, auto-responders, spam filtering and webmail too.

  • Unlimited hosting with storage, bandwidth and email.
  • Free domain registration.
  • Free vDeck control panel.
  • Free site building tool.
  • 100% wind powered.


iPower review on WordPress blog hosting. Besides offering the multi-purpose shared hosting plan that come with unlimited features for all your website hosting need, they also have this WordPress optimized hosting plan for you. If you are a blogger and looking for a WordPress hosting plan at cheap price, this WP Essential plan is for you. It is priced at $3.00/mo and you can get access to customized control panel with WordPress installer, apps, plugins, themes. The hosting plan is optimized for WordPress blog too and it is set to optimum speed, this mean a faster blogging site for you.

Wordpress hosting promo

iPower review on VPS hosting. When you need more than basic hosting plan, an affordable VPS hosting should be considered. For instant, this VPS hosting plans are now available from $19.99/mo and it is fully managed, just like what you get with their shared hosting. The VPS account will be deployed instantly when you signup, there is no waiting time. All control panel and features will be provided at no extra cost. There are three VPS servers available, and it is available with 1GB, 4GB and 8GB RAM configuration.

VPS servers

iPower review on dedicated servers. Besides shared hosting and VPS servers, they do offer powerful dedicated servers too. There are three server configuration available and price begin from as low as $119/mo only. This is some of the cheapest dedicated servers available around. The most basic standard server includes 500GB storage, 5TB bandwidth and 4GB RAM memory. That is enough for supporting multple high traffic websites or ecommerce business site. For reliability and security, they uses independent control and cloud based technology. That really makes a huge different and making their service quality even better. These private servers are fully managed and come with all necessary control panel.

Dedicated servers

iPower review on domain registration. They offer wide range of domain registration service and customer can choose to register variety of TLD extension. Either you are using their web hosting service or not, you can choose to buy domains from them. The ordering page is simple and allow you to do domain research and view all available TLD and its price. Other than that, there is domain auction added to the bottom and you can check on the premium domain price and pick the one suitable for your business. Click add to cart and proceed with the checkout process, the payment is simple and the domain price is reasonable.

iPower review on customer support. Everyone try to avoid choosing web hosts that provide poor customer support or use outsource technical people to handle their after-sales service. This is the new trend and cheap solution chosen by some budget web hosts. They will choose to use oversea support team that are not on-par with the US-based support team that able to provide first hand support.

We know their support team is available 24/7 and fully U.S. based. They will not outsource to other countries to cut down the operating cost. Furthermore their help center is accessible via phone call, email ticket and online chat service.

Is their support quality good or bad? We have been using their service for many years, and we know their customer support quality is one of the best and the fastest too. The online chat support is fast and the waiting time is very short. The phone call is clear and support team can solve the problems in first place. In overall, the service quality is excellent and not causing any problems at all.

iPower review on average user rating. Our overall rating is great. We are comparing one to another, and we are comparing this with many other web hosts including Hostgator, iPage, Bluehost etc. If we are comparing them with the similar vDeck plan, this web host is excellent and really makes a different. They are offering the same good quality plan at much cheaper price. We don’t see any poor quality or lack of features in here, everything is provided and in highest quality. For pricing, we are able to get this at lower discount price and it really makes some different.

We wish one day they will start offering VPS as found in Hostmonster, Justhost, Webhostingbuzz or Greengeeks. Some expert users will need cloud hosting as found in Site5 and Liquidweb too. Those are worth take a second look.


iPower reviews from customers. Sometime we have to listen to clients and hear what they want to say. In order to know more about a web host, we should consider the customer feedback and testimonial too. Following are the few testimonials from customers:

iPower review from John. “I signup with them days ago and put up my websites online. Its easier than my old host, which sucks badly. That is the reason for me to move. They are good so far and easy to use. Most importantly is their products and services are beyond expectation.”

iPower review from Suzanna. “Just got my website up and running this week and so far I have nothing to complain about! My domain is loading within perfect time and all systems are a go! Sweet!”

iPower review from Evans. “I like how the service has so many unique features and extras. I thought I couldn’t get enough of the great web hosting, and then I found out about their unlimited disk space. If you ask me, iPower is full of delicious surprises. I am glad to be among the huge fan base.”

iPower review from Kate. “I started using without taking time to shop around for hosting services. I have checked out other hosting service providers since then and I am conceived that I am on the best service. I think there is no other hosting service out there providing such high quality services at fair prices.

iPower review from Taylor. “I am a beginner. I was worried about choosing a hosting services where I would not get all the help I need to run my site efficiently. I am very happy that I chose iPower. I was given the basic advice I needed to run my site smoothly. I have not had any issues with uptime and speed since I started hosting with them.”

Those are some of the main reasons why we have started this iPower review site in year 2008 and continue to review their products until now. We know this is something different and we do understand their strengths and weaknesses very well.

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iPower review and coupon by Steve Gregory

In 2001, iPower was launched as a webhosting service provider. They provide a complete set of services for hosting websites online to the global businesses of all levels. It offered vDeck control panel to its users to provide access to wide range of its webhosting applications, features and tools.

In order to know about the price, reputation, speed, features and technical support along with up time of this web hosting service you should go through the unbiased iPower reviews and ratings given in this write-up. It can also help you to know its suitability for your on the basis of its performance level.

Company reputation

Since its inception iPower offered a wide range of web hosting services online like web designs, domains, as well as SSL certification. But its increasing focus on the features commonly used for advertisements it failed to satisfy the increasing demand of hosting services of its users which has considerably declined its overall rating. Today the overall rating of web hosting services of iPower is nearly 3.5 to of 5 stars which was once almost 5 out of 5 stars.

Plans and prices

The initial price of the web hosting services of iPower was $8.49 per month but as introductory offer they offered 53% discount to their new customers through iPower coupons to offer them their services at much affordable price of $3.95 per month. But most of its users fond its renewal price much higher than its competitors as it remained at $8.49 per month. One more thing that adversely affected the reputation of iPower is that they used to charge additional fee from the developers for the registration of domains and for asking the refund within the guarantee period.

Features and specifications

iPower offered only 250 GB bandwidth, 5 GB disk space and vDeck control panel for hosting 1 website at a time in its basic starter plan. But for professional users it offered unlimited bandwidth and disk space to host unlimited websites. Along with these features it offered money back guarantee for 30 days to all of its users.

Customer and technical support

Like most of the other web hosting services iPower has also promised its customers to provide technical support round the clock. They can contact its knowledgeable team of technical professionals any time through phone call, live chat or email to get answers of all of their queries about the problems regarding the services provided by this web hosting service. The response time 15 minutes of ipower was also much better than most of the other web hosting service providers. But overall it failed to provide quality services to its customers as compared to its rivals.

Reviews of the customers

Most of the users of iPower web hosting services who were satisfied by the features and the quality of services provided by it have rated it for 5 out of 5 stars. But some of them who were not satisfied with the response of its customer support tea do not recommend it to others.


Thus after going through the iPower reviews and the information about iPower coupons provided in this write-up one can easily decide about the suitability of this web hosting service according to his needs.

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iPower review and coupon by Ernest Molloy

If you are searching for a reliable hosting service provider then you can come across a number of platforms like HostGator, FatCow and BlueHost etc. but if you are searching for an affordable and reputable hosting service then iPower can be the best choice for you. iPower hosting service was introduced with a view to provide reliable services to users of small websites. But iPower was not counted with many other reputed hosting service providers even if it offers great services at reasonable price. You can know about the reason behind this fact after reading the iPower review provided in this write-up.


iPower was initially founded by Thomas Gorny as web hosting company in 2001 which was later on acquired by the Endurance International Group like various other web hosting services like iPage. Today the company is providing web hosting services to more than a million small to medium sized customers all over the world through its headquarter in Phoenix, Arizona.

In fact iPower web hosting service was launched to help start-up businesses searching for a most inexpensive hosting service. It was not appreciated by most of the high class hosting service users as its interface is not much user friendly. So it was found suitable only for those who have knowledge to manage their website by using the backend system of this hosting service. But most of the beginners have found it complicated for them as they could not navigate on it easily.

Price and plans

iPower offers three plans for web hosting services at different levels including Start-up plan, Pro-Plan and Pro-plus plan. Though initial price of start-up plan for small businesses starts from $3.99 per month but you can make it more affordable for you by availing 50% discount through iPower coupon. Similarly professional and large scale users can also use iPower coupon to use Pro and Pro-plus plans available for $7.49 and $11.99 per month respectively, at 50% discounted price.

Services offered

The Start-up plan offers 5GB disk space and 250GB bandwidth of basic level whereas Pro-plan offers a free domain name with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Pro-plus plan offers 3 free domain names with unlimited bandwidth and disk space to its users. It offers 30 days money back guarantee to all of its users.

Speed and uptime

The speed and uptime of this web hosting service are not as good as that of its rival companies as it uses rented data centres to provide services to its customers. So it cannot provide them full control on this platform. The use of ordinary hardware and software do not allow it to perform as per the expectations of its users. Slow speed and low downtime are the general complaints about this hosting service as it oversells its bandwidth and disk space to cover up its expenses.

Technical support

Even if iPower fails in performing like several other reputed hosting services but still its technical support is much better than others. It promises to provide 24 x 7 technical support to its customers through phone, email or live chat. It is 15 minutes response time is also better than various other reputed hosts.


According to this iPower review affordable price plan is one of the main benefits of this web hosting service. Other hosting services find it hard to compete with it as it offers various promotional iPower coupons to make its service more affordable for its customers. Everyone can use its hosting services according to the needs of his business.


Unexpected downtime and slow speed are the two main reasons of the downfall of this web hosting service. Most of the users of this hosting service have mentioned this weakness in their iPower reviews. You cannot use the system of this web hosting service effectively unless you know how to manage your website. Though is provides excellent customer service but still it is unable to stand with the top web hosting services available in the market, due to its poor performance.


So if you are searching for a web hosting service within your low budget then iPower can be the best option for you. But you can take its benefit only if you know how to manage your website by using its back-end system.

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iPower review and coupon by Ivica Milaric

As one of essential web hosting companies from the late 90’s, the iPower started working way back in 1998. The company began in the heyday of the website niche expansion when it quickly generated a huge customer base and overall stable results when it came to its offer. But, not long after, the company was bought by Endurance International Group (EIG) located in North America. Similar to other EIG-owned business, they started shifting from making substantial changes. They are making improvement to its core technology and hardware. And also began focusing on promotional marketing and the visual design of their services. All these result in improve products and services.

In other words, the focus shifted from substance to style. Currently, the company continues to battle several important problems. This including bugs in their back-end processes and an unstable money-back process which has the tendency to leave a substantial number of users feeling that they ended up with the bad deal.

Essential Facts

The basic package is called the Starter plan includes a single domain, a subdomain, one email account and a MySQL database. This is provided along with a 5GB of disk space that is also tied into the Starter plan, which costs $3.99. With this package, they provide one of the smallest offers in both terms of quantity of products and their quality, meaning that not a single one advanced feature is present in this package. While other hosting companies race to provide more tools, they did not only decided not to include them, it also does not offer a free domain once the client signs up for a monthly hosting, but charges for it a hefty $11.99.

The Starter plan might not be spectacular, but scaling up is relatively simple. The company’s Pro Plan provides a lot better deal, featuring more tools and possibilities. At the same time, the price range of the services is located in the middle segment of the market. Meaning they are not the cheapest on offer, but definitely do not belong in the tier with the most expensive providers of hosting services. They provide a full support for eCommerce web hosting projects, offering the ability to accept payments. Install shopping cart solutions and doing everything else needed for an online store.

The company’s complete range of features and tools is available on the iPower control panel. The same element is designed in a clear and easily usable way. Sometimes it is plagued with glitches and bugs which can make any emergency issue a bit of a problem. Like other software solutions which do not possess the needed level of reliability. In our iPower review, we must conclude that its control panel and management procedures are not up to the expected levels.

The security level of their network is adequate, and it is provided by Secure Shell. This security system is tasked with protecting the data flow from any intrusions and leaks that might make it end up in the wrong hands. On the other hands, getting an SSL certificate for a website hosted includes an additional price tag. If the users encounter any problems, the support team is available for their issues using an online chat service. The support team, in general, able to solve problems, but according to many customer reviews, does not place a lot of emphasis of doing things is a quick or effective way.

iPower Coupons and Deals

It is important to underline the fact that this company provides a range of deals and coupons. A coupon can provide a price percentage deal, like taking off anywhere from 22 to 60% off from a service, while other coupons include codes for a free gift like unlimited disc space or unlimited bandwidth. iPower coupon can also come in the form of Sale offers, which decrease a fixed value from the price of a service or a package, like getting the Pro Plan for $5.95 or getting $36 off on a combination of packages. The abundance of its coupon offer is a clear sign that the company values the chance to attract new customers to its business.


This is definitely a company that wants to expand its business, either by steering current customers to get bigger packages or by getting new customers to sign up using the benefits of the coupon system. But, at the same time, it has to be concluded that the company’s services are lacking in many areas. Especially, when it comes to the unimpressive starter package, control panel with bugs, refund difficulties and a lukewarm support team. Because of these elements, they should be taken into consideration by those who want to get a big hosting package. For example, for making an elaborate eCommerce website.

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iPower reviews and ratings by Sane Jose

For those on the lookout for a simple web hosting site that is powerful and packed with a number of features, there are reasons to believe that iPower could be the right choice. There are quite a few iPower reviews which have a number of positive things to talk about this site. Hence it would be pertinent to look closely at the various attributes and then decide whether the site is well and truly a good web hosting site. It certainly will help customers to take a decision based on the various parameters which are factual and do not rely on opinions or hearsays. At the end of the day, there is hardly any doubt while having a good website is important hosting it properly is also something that should never be lost sight of.

A look At Some Important Features And Specifications.

  • When it comes to web hosting it has three plans starting from $8.99 per year to $11.99 per month. The disk space being provided starts from 5 GB and it becomes unlimited for all those who opt for anything above $8.99 per month.
  • The POP email account also ranges from 1 to 2500 depending on the plan that is chosen by the customers. There are also other features available like spam mail filtering, auto responder and forwarding of mail facilities and much more.
  • It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee which is something that will go well with many customers.
  • It has a number of readymade packages to suit specific needs and requirements.
  • It also has facility to offer VPS virtual private server and also web hosting packages that are dedicated. The VPS packages start from around $25 per month. The dedicated Startup hosting packages start from around $130 per month.
  • Discounts are available depending on the tenure opted for and it therefore makes a lot of sense to go in for 12 or 24 months packages.
  • The dedicated servers offer very good value for money. They come with servers with 16GB Ram, 1 TB of storage space and they permit 15 TB of data transfers per month, which is in line with the market as it exists today.
  • However it would be pertinent to mention here that the hosting servers operate only on Linux-based operating systems and therefore not suitable for those looking at Windows based servers.

How It Works On The Ground.

It would also be pertinent to mention the entire process of setting up a hosted site is quite easy. It takes the user to the registration page and the customers get the option of paying monthly or annually. There is a discount available for yearly and 2-year plans. There is also a setup fee of $10 which should be kept in mind.

It would be pertinent to mention that many iPower reviews have talked about iPower’s Control Center which is quite complex but comes with many advanced options. It allows the users to choose from Drag & Drop, WordPress or File Manager. Though each of the three has their unique features for first timers Drag & Drop has been found to be more useful and easy to operate and setup. The image gallery is well and truly very good and the task of adding pages and subpages and choosing various templates was very simple to say the least. For many first timers building a professional and modern websites takes only a few minutes.

Email Set Up.

The process of setting up email is quite easy and it is totally menu driven. As mentioned earlier it has mail forwarding and other facilities. It also can be connected with Google Apps for Work. This is quite certainly a big takeaway according to many iPower reviews.

Security & Customer Services.

Though there quite a few security add-ons they certainly cost lot money. These include SiteLock Basic, SiteLock Professionals and a SSL Certificate. All this would cost totally around $115 per year. The customer service is good but it has avenues for improvement. The waiting period for call responses is around 10 minutes where there is scope for improvement.

On the whole when one takes into account the various aspects of this product, there are reasons to believe that it walks the talk when it comes to comparing performance with claims. If you are looking for a reliable hosting provider then you could go for iPower.

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