Actual iPower web hosting reviews since 2008

This iPower review site is hosted between 2008 to 2012. Do you know this review website has been hosted here with their pro shared hosting since year 2008? With our actual experience in here, we’re gracefully accessing and rating their service quality from inside out. We’re able to test customer website all these years and actually evaluate their quality in real life. We are testing them and experience it our self. And before you go, we can give you iPower coupon price $3.25 a month. Don’t signup without this discount.

$3.25 discounts vps coupon

This is one of the best vDeck web hosting company, established back in year 2001 and has been over 12 years old. What makes them so popular today are their 100% green hosting plan is with great service quality, generous features and available in lowest price possible. With this review site hosted with them, you can use this as a demo site and testing their service performance before signing up.

iPower review on shared hosting services.

Top web hosting companies are often run their own data center and be able to use their in-house staffs. For them, they are now having 2 data center locations. And they uses high performance servers running with wind powered energy credits. The data center is equipped with multiple gigabits Internet connection, Cisco router, UPS power backup and diesel power generator are standard. This is a fail-proof data center and it is being monitored 24×7 for optimum network uptime.

From official website, we know they are offering few shared packages and added a new WordPress blog plan this year. There are three options to choose from:

  1. Starter plan is starting at $3.99 a month.
  2. Pro plan at $3.25 a month (offer price).
  3. Pro plus plan at $11.99 a month.

Their starter plan only allows one domain hosting and the other two are allowing multiple domains to be hosted. What we most recommend is their unlimited plan currently selling at $3.25 and this is their limited time offer price. This allows virtually unlimited website and in here get are allowed to host few separate websites in one account. It comes with limitless disk space, transfer bandwidth and domains. Other features including 2500 email accounts and support Outlook client program. And it comes with email forwarding, auto-responders, spam filtering and webmail too.

  1. Unlimited hosting with storage, bandwidth and email.
  2. Free domain registration.
  3. Free vDeck control panel.
  4. Free site building tool.
  5. 100% wind powered.


iPower review on WordPress blog hosting.

Besides offering the multi-purpose shared hosting plan that come with unlimited features for all your website hosting need, they also have this WordPress optimized hosting plan for you. If you are a blogger and looking for a WordPress hosting plan at cheap price, this WP Essential plan is for you. It is priced at $3.00/mo and you can get access to customized control panel with WordPress installer, apps, plugins, themes. The hosting plan is optimized for WordPress blog too and it is set to optimum speed, this mean a faster blogging site for you.

Wordpress hosting promo

iPower review on VPS hosting.

When you need more than basic hosting plan, an affordable VPS hosting should be considered. For instant, this VPS hosting plans are now available from $19.99/mo and it is fully managed, just like what you get with their shared hosting. The VPS account will be deployed instantly when you signup, there is no waiting time. All control panel and features will be provided at no extra cost. There are three VPS servers available, and it is available with 1GB, 4GB and 8GB RAM configuration.

VPS servers

iPower review on dedicated servers.

Besides shared hosting and VPS servers, they do offer powerful dedicated servers too. There are three server configuration available and price begin from as low as $119/mo only. This is some of the cheapest dedicated servers available around. The most basic standard server includes 500GB storage, 5TB bandwidth and 4GB RAM memory. That is enough for supporting multple high traffic websites or ecommerce business site. For reliability and security, they uses independent control and cloud based technology. That really makes a huge different and making their service quality even better. These private servers are fully managed and come with all necessary control panel.

Dedicated servers

iPower review on domain registration.

They offer wide range of domain registration service and customer can choose to register variety of TLD extension. Either you are using their web hosting service or not, you can choose to buy domains from them. The ordering page is simple and allow you to do domain research and view all available TLD and its price. Other than that, there is domain auction added to the bottom and you can check on the premium domain price and pick the one suitable for your business. Click add to cart and proceed with the checkout process, the payment is simple and the domain price is reasonable.

iPower review on customer support.

Everyone try to avoid choosing web hosts that provide poor customer support or use outsource technical people to handle their after-sales service. This is the new trend and cheap solution chosen by some budget web hosts. They will choose to use oversea support team that are not on-par with the US-based support team that able to provide first hand support.

We know their support team is available 24/7 and fully U.S. based. They will not outsource to other countries to cut down the operating cost. Furthermore their help center is accessible via phone call, email ticket and online chat service.

Is their support quality good or bad? We have been using their service for many years, and we know their customer support quality is one of the best and the fastest too. The online chat support is fast and the waiting time is very short. The phone call is clear and support team can solve the problems in first place. In overall, the service quality is excellent and not causing any problems at all.

iPower review on average user rating.

Our overall rating is great. We are comparing one to another, and we are comparing this with many other web hosts including Hostgator, iPage, Bluehost etc. If we are comparing them with the similar vDeck plan, this web host is excellent and really makes a different. They are offering the same good quality plan at much cheaper price. We don’t see any poor quality or lack of features in here, everything is provided and in highest quality. For pricing, we are able to get this at lower discount price and it really makes some different.


We wish one day they will start offering VPS as found in Hostmonster, Justhost, Webhostingbuzz or Greengeeks. Some expert users will need cloud hosting as found in Site5 and Liquidweb too. Those are worth take a second look.

Sometime we have to listen to clients and hear what they want to say. In order to know more about a web host, we should consider the customer feedback and testimonial too. Following are the few testimonials from customers:

John: “I signup with them days ago and put up my websites online. Its easier than my old host, they sucks badly. That is the reason for me to move. They are good so far and easy to use. Most importantly is their products and services are beyond expectation.”

Those are some of the main reasons why we have started this iPower review site in year 2008 and continue to review their products until now. We know this is something different and we do understand their strengths and weaknesses very well.

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Top 5 Mistakes When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

There’s no doubt that online businesses are literally transforming the world. And the core of any online venture, be it marketing, academic or content writing is an operational and functional website. As usual, most sites nowadays are hosted by third party web hosting service providers. On the same note, what many people fail to grasp is that your web hosting provider can influence the amount income you accrue from your website per a given period.

Consider the typical example of a web hosting service that goes down periodically or one which the provider doesn’t communicate any foreseeable interruptions in advance. In such scenarios, you’ll realize over time that this perceived downtime is eating slowly into your profits.So if you are asking yourself what are some of the pitfalls to avoid when choosing a reliable web hosting provider, then here are the main 5;

  1. Going for a low-priced space or almost free web hosting service.

As the adage goes, ” when the deal is too good, think twice.” And at the same time remember that you always get what you pay for. If you are tempted to sign up for a service that advertises itself as ” free or cheap”, then also bear in mind that you won’t be the only one doing so. Thus, chances of their servers been constantly down due to excessive amounts or traffic will be quite high. You’d rather pay a premium price but be assured of seamless and smooth service any time of the day.

Then again, no sane person will allow you to use their servers to store your new website and then just sit back and watch you generate massive profits from it. The ‘free’ service term only applies if hardly anyone visits your site. But once your website picks up and registers a steady stream of traffic, then the costs equally skyrocket. Consequently, you might end up paying double the subscription fee that you once tried to avoid just to renew your web hosting service.

  1. Being lured by the offer of ‘unlimited space’ without reading the Terms Of Service.

Over 60% of the most unreliable web hosting providers are notorious for using this bait. Most of the time, you will find them purporting to offer unlimited storage and bandwidth at ‘no extra cost’. Then on a second glance you will notice that the initial subscription fee is ridiculously low. However, if you take your time to go keenly over their terms of service, you will realize that the unlimited space only applies if your site does not take up more than a certain limit of internet resources. Which, in plain language, implies that you can enjoy unlimited storage space, as long as nobody visits your site. How convenient!

  1. Failing to double check the company’s reputation.

For starters, before going with any hosting plan, do your homework. Find out whether the customer support is responsive enough or if there are complaints from previous customers about the general quality of their services. What about virus attacks? Have there been a recent viral or worm infiltration on their servers? Do this and you’ll be surprised by how much you could unearth.Another mistake on the same would be failing to check if the hosting service has a reputation of placing restrictions that could later inconvenience you, such as banning the usage of multiple POP accounts or SSH.

  1. Not checking online reviews made by those who have already used the service before.

It is estimated that 95% of new users looking to sign up for a given hosting service rarely read reviews made other customers. It is despite the fact that technical reviews are readily and freely available in many Google and Yahoo! open forums. Reviews are a great way of seeking clarification on some the pertinent issues that you might find controversial about a given web-hosting service.At the same time, check if the hosting service offers a trial subscription service or a test demo panel aimed at explaining how their service works. If there’s one, don’t sign up before checking if the hosting experience actually fits your bill.

  1. Failing to make good use of discount coupon codes when signing up.

Coupons are an excellent way of saving cash and at the same time enjoying premium service at subsidized prices. Most hosting companies will offer such discount codes as a way of enticing customers to try out their service. However, most people while signing up for their website templates either tend to ignore these coupons or are just oblivious of their existent. As a smart online entrepreneur make sure you research thoroughly on the advantages of each coupon code and select the best suited for you.

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Unnatural links to your website will cause Google penalty

Unnatural link is an artificial link which is added to a particular website or blog in order to increase the search engine result rank. It can be purchased links which are created by spammers who attach themselves with your blog or website. Then they potentially link a bad neighbour on the web with your website. But this is something illegal and for this you can be penalised by Google too.

Two of the most dangerous penalties by Google are:

  1. Drop in ranking: Google, with the help of various methods, can easily detect the unnatural links and if it is found in your website then you have to face some penalties. One such is the drop in ranking in the search engine results. This will of course have a huge impact on the traffic of your website. It will not be shown in the top ranked results and your website can suffer a huge loss for this.
  2. Being removed from Google search: The worst part of using an unnatural link in your website is being removed from Google search completely. This is something that you will not ever want for your website. Though these links can cause a short term profit for your website but there is a high chance of getting removed or penalized in other ways soon.

How to check website backlinks with Google Webmaster Tools?

In order to stop negative SEO and getting removed from the Google search you have to detect the backlinks of your website. This will help you to keep yourself clean and avoid being penalized by Google. Here are the steps by which you can check:

  1. First of all you will be directed to the homepage where you can find the list of websites and blogs you manage. On the left hand side you will get a lot of options. From there choose “Search Traffic” and then “Links to your site”.
  2. This will show all your website unnatural links. You can check more detailed information about this by clicking “more”.
  3. In order to get all the important information about backlinks from Google Webmaster Tools, you will have to download the data. When you click on download latest links an option will appear and you have to choose between Google Docs or CSV. You can choose any which even you find easier to explore.

So, once you downloaded all the latest links you will have to open it and check the all the data. All these will be sorted by most recent links to oldest automatically. So, you will see the latest in the number 1 and oldest at the end. Now you can go through nd review the links. Once you found some suspicious links which is potential enough for a negative SEO, you have to review the page. You have to keep certain things in mind like link quality, relevance, type, location and authority. Thus manually reviewing the links is easy as well as you can spot the negative SEO easily.

How to remove backlinks?

You can use the Google Disavow to remove the unwanted backlink. This is only used when your website is affected by unnatural link. You have to create a text file and note down all the links which you want to delete or disavow. You can ignore a complete domain that is sending a lot of spam and backlinks to your site. Once all the links are ready you have select your domain from the dropdown option. Then click on disavow link. You will get a pop-up from where you have to browse all the spam links text file and upload which you have created previously.

In order to get rid of the backlinks, you have to take strict actions so that your website remains safe and secured. Or else, with the ever changing policies by Google, they can easily remove your website or penalised it such a way that it will not get good rank. This can bring a lot of problems for your business online. Of course if you own some websites and blogs, you will never want it. That is why, you have to be very careful and remember that you need to check these spam links regularly and remove the unwanted unnatural link regularly from your site.

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How to easily increase your website usability?

Even though it is one of the most important components of web design, usability is often the most overlooked one. However, the usability of a website should be taken into consideration even before starting to design the site. If you make your website more usable, your prospects will enjoy a more satisfactory experience, which will make them come back for more. In the end, everything you do is for the sole purpose of attracting as many people as possible.
After your website is launched, usability should tell if you need to perform additional enhancements. In order to further increase your website’s usability, here is what you need to do.

  1. De-clutter your website.

Internet users spend an average of 2.6 seconds scanning a website before deciding what topic to choose, and 5 seconds before moving to another website. If your website offers too much irrelevant information, your visitors will never have enough patience to read through it all. Cut down the amount of words you use per page and strive to remove extra chatter. Provide only useful information that is easily assimilated by your target niche.

  1. Make sure your site has a quick load time.

Four out of five Internet users will click away in less than 5 seconds if a video fails to load fast enough, or if a photo does not appear instantly. Whether you have a video on the front page, a slideshow or just some plain text, make sure it all loads extremely fast.

  1. Place important information in the right side.

According to recent research, 80% of web users primarily read information placed above the page fold, while 69% focus on reading the left side. That’s where you should strive to put the information.

  1. Easy navigation.

Today, most people prefer accessing the Internet on their mobile devices. Hence, you need to make sure that they can access your site with ease. Streamline navigation using mobile-friendly plugins and using multiple links between pages.

  1. Choose the right colors, texture and contrast.

Each color affects the users’ personality in a certain way. Always choose the right blend of colors that cater to your target niche needs. For instance, if you design a website for ecologists, you should choose a mix of green, blue and brown. Similarly, if you sell musical instruments, namely rock guitars, you should go with a black and white background.

  1. Understand typography.

Typography is of paramount importance when it comes to improving website usability. Here’s what you need to do to make your website more usable:

  • Keep the number of fonts used at a minimum.
  • Use other cues beside color to attract attention on important texts.
  • Use a maximum of 4 colors per text, per page.
  • Make sure to have a text width of between 45 and 75 characters.
  • Lastly, you need to ensure that each link is blue. When an user hovers over it, it should change color in order to attract more attention. After a link was clicked, it should change color indefinitely (from blue it should turn purple), just like Google does with pages you’ve opened.
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